Introducing CineGraph

CineGraph is the worlds first Smart-OOH platform, marrying the real world advertising power of DOOH and the smart, targeted, relevance of online advertising.

Pick Target Demographics & Sentiments Not Screens

Instead of the traditional OOH model which forces advertisers to select screens and hope their target demographics, CineGraph uses AI powered technology to find your audience (Demographics, Interests or Sentiments). Cool, huh?

Smart-OOH = DOOH + Targeting

CineGraph is the world's first Smart-OOH platform. Using Digital-OOH screens plus the insights of AI-powered big data analytics, CineGraph is able to determine the demographics, sentiments and interests of viewers and display the most relevant ad at any point in time.


Find, target & message your future customers wherever they are with one easy to use tool, the CineGraph SOOH platform.

Media Owner

Convert your current DOOH network into a Smart-OOH network with our free, plug & play technology and boost your bottom line.

Creative Agency

Instead of one message that has to fit all, create targeted messages for each demographic group, interest or sentiment and make your work relevant to viewers.

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Find your audience by demographics, sentiments or interests wherever they may be


AI powered big data analytics is constantly assessing where your content is most relevant

Increased ROI

Want significantly higher bang-for-buck? Advertisers and media owners alike will benefit from SOOH

Real Time Reporting

Get real time feedback on campaign performance, audience and success rate. Change campaigns on the fly.

CineGraph Smart-OOH Platform Features

CineGraph is an all in one, plug and play solution that turns any DOOH screen into a Smart-OOH screen that can detect viewer demographics, sentiments and interests and display the most relevant ad at any point in time.

Universal DOOH Platform

The CineGraph online portal is the one and only platform you'll need to launch, monitor and manage your DOOH campaign.

Measurable Campaign Performance

Measure the results of your campaign in terms of views, reach or conversions in real time all the time.

Powered by Data

CineGraph makes optimizes DOOH by going through hundreds of millions of data points to decide where your content will be most relevant.

Manage on the Fly

Change the parameters of your campaign (target audience, content, markets...etc) in real time any time.

Flexible Budgeting

Wether you want to spend $5 or $50,000 a day, CineGraph will find your audience and get your message to them.

Real Science & Math

There's no mysterious black box with CineGraph. We use a simple pay-per-view model and demographics and sentiments based on science.

Pay Per Viewer

CineGraph uses a pay per viewer model, ensuring each dollar you spend on OOH gets you valuable customer exposure.

Real-Time Research

Traditional OOH relies on surveys. CineGraph uses AI-powered big data analysis to measure audiences for all screens, every minute!

Sentiment Targeting

Target audiences based on sentiments like happiness, sadness, hunger or thirst. Imagine restaurant campaigns that are triggered by audience hunger.

100% Plug & Play

Android Compatible

Are you a DOOH media owner and worried about how upgrading your network to Smart-OOH is going to be costly and time consuming?

CineGraph is designed to be 100% plug-and-play. Simply plug any HD Android media device, including Amazon’s FireStick, into your DOOH screen, download the “CineBox” app and badabing – badaboom, welcome to the Smart-OOH world.

The entire process takes about 5 minutes and we will even supply the hardware. There’s no excuse not to upgrade to CineGraph SOOH.

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